my angels, here are five things I am loving at the moment, from what i'm eating, wearing and watching.
  1. muscle republic
    i have always been a fan of the muscle republic activewear, but i am especially obsessed with the latest collection. the new ribbed material is honestly a dream to wear and the colours are to die for. love.

  2. MAFS (married at first sight)
    okay, this is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but i am seriously addicted to MAFS at the moment. cannot get enough. is anyone with me?

  3. minimal home interior styling
    house dreaming has become my new hobby (god bless pinterest). i am all about minimal interior styling, with neutral colour palettes, natural textures and simple styling.

  4. overnight protein oats
    this has been my everyday breakfast lately. i mix up the toppings with whatever i have at home, and it is always so good. if you're looking for inspo, try out this recipe on Hustl Health.

  5. strategic 7:00am wake-up every morning
    i am loving this routine angels. waking up at 7am every day has put me in such a good headspace for the day, and once you commit to it for a few days, it gets so much easier. i promise.


I love you always, 

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