The face & founder of HUSTL. Alexz is your wild, excited, overly honest and entirely dedicated trainer. With over 9 years of experience specialising in Group Fitness, Circuit, HIIT, Mat, Barre and Reformer Pilates Training. 


Your country entertainer. Emily is your trainer of absolute power. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Emily specialises in Group & Circuit based fitness as well as Mat, Barre & Reformer Pilates. 


Our darling Italian pocket rocket. Kika is your admiringly strong & forever entertaining instructor. With 10 years of experience in Group Fitness, Dance, Mat, Barre, Reformer, Pre and Postnatal Pilates.


Your mind to body guru. Chelsea specialises in all things mat movement, which are pilates, barre & circuit training - as well as stretch & yoga.


Power up your pilates routine with our dynamic, high energy Master Trainer, Kath. Specialising in low impact HIIT, cardio, Barre and Mat Pilates, and with a background in Gymnastics & Dance, Kath is known for her engaging, motivating and form focused classes.


Our yoga powerhouse Duncan, has been teaching across the globe for over 16 years & brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the industry. His classes are strong, with a heightened focus on alignment, smart creative flows, and creating space for deep release.


Our prenatal powerhouse whose goal is to remind you of your inner power and strength, while guiding you through dynamic movements. Jess specialises in Yoga & Pilates and she is here to empower you, support you and to help you carve more space and length in your body, mind and soul.


An author, trained astrologist and podcast creator, Jordanna has built a reputation for taking ‘big’ topics and making them relatable, digestible and downright entertaining. Host to the three podcast shows; Jordanna covers topics such as best reads, lunar cycles & dating advice. Website | Instagram


Yoga & meditation teacher, author, and all round wellness whiz; Caitlin shares teachings that are inspired by years of practice with a focus on reconnecting with calm, peace, and joy and cultivating the courage to overcome self-doubt, perfectionism, fear and anxiety, empowering you to live to your full potential.
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Whether you are feeling like a slow burn, high intensity or strength focused workout, we have just the class for you. To view our full online library click here to sign in.

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BLASTERS are our 10 - 20 minute classes designed for anyone that wants a quick and effective burn. These classes are a mixture of HIIT, HILIT, Pilates or Circuit. These classes are suitable for all levels & abilities.


Our PILATES classes are focused on a seamless mixture of shaping & toning exercises. They are loud, high energy & low intensity classes, with minimal bouncing and maximum burning. These classes focus on your stabilising muscles. Our PILATES classes are suitable for all levels & abilities.


SWEAT & SCULPT is our class focused on lengthening, toning & sculpting your muscles. It is a low intensity class with ultimate burn.  This class focuses on correct alignment, breath & correct muscle engagement. SWEAT & SCULPT is suitable for all levels & abilities.


Our BARRE classes are focused on a seamless mixture of shaping & toning exercises. They are high energy & low intensity classes that incorporate ballet inspired moves to create deep overall burn. Our BARRE classes are suitable for all levels & abilities & involve the use of a chair or stool.


Our HIIT classes are our effective, high energy, cardio focused classes. Incorporating different methods of body weight & light equipment based training. Our HIIT & HILIT classes are focused on your optimal burn & cardiovascular endurance. We use a variety of timing methods such as TABATA, EMOM. These classes are suitable for all levels & abilities.


Our circuit style class combines the benefits of progressive pilates, & resistance based cardio. Our CIRCUIT classes focus on optimising your body's burning potential. Our CIRCUIT classes are taught in a 6 station circuit-styled class. The circuit is 50 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest. 2 sets per station & 2 rounds of the circuit. These classes are suitable for all levels & abilities. 


A collection of classes designed specifically for moms. These classes are a mixture of HIIT, PILATES, BARRE & CIRCUIT styled classes. Each class offers modifications and suggestions you can take to suit you along your pregnancy journey and after. 


Our YOGA classes are designed for you to relax & slow down your practice. With a mixture of Power Yoga to Yin we have classes to suit whatever you are looking for. Our YOGA classes offer a mixture of long holds, deep breaths & challenging sequences.  


STRETCH & RELEASE is our class designed to release any tension throughout your body. The pace of this class is slow, encouraging you to take a moment, focus on your breath whilst allowing your body to stretch. 


I have been a member of HUSTL. STATION for almost a year now. It’s the only online platform I have ever stuck too. The expiring classes give me an extreme fear of missing out. I’m a mother of 4 so anyone that can get me to work out let alone set aside the time is a godsend. Please never stop teaching. My love handles need you.

Jess | Online Member


Challenge was UNREAL! I am now in the biggest GROOVE! And feel like I need to HUSTL. everyday! Thank you for giving me back my mojo! It's been fabulous for my mental health too! Giving me purpose, determination and a sense of accomplishment every day! Thank you for keeping me accountable and feeling FIT and FRESH! x

Millie | Online Member


Honestly, best classes, teachers & platform ever. I love the swearing, the playlists and the instructors. I haven’t felt this good in my body for awhile and I owe it all to HUSTL. you girls honestly have made me so much happier, mentally and physically. Thank you, thank you xx

Dakota | Online Member


Totally addicted. It’s like a reality tv show that gets me in shape. I started in lock down and I haven’t stopped since. Love the PACE classes and all the challenges. Most interactive online workouts I’ve ever been a part of. HUSTL. has changed my life.

Samantha | Online Member


What a brilliant Challenge! I absolutely loved every second of it. This has totally reinvigorated my love for PIlates and has given me a sense of purpose. Knowing that I was part of a collective in pain made it all a little less! What an incredible community you have created!

Sally | Online Member


Thank you guys so much for the burnnnn!!!! Such anincredible Challenge and will be the first of many that I will do with you guys. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and signed up, best thing I have ever done! You've given me a new found confidence and I'm so grateful!

Online Member