As we pass the official halfway point of the burn & blast challenge, I wanted to check in with my angels to remind you just how strong you are. 

It doesn’t matter how many challenges we host, I am always blown away by your ability to step up, use the challenge period to work towards your goals and get outside of your comfort zone. You truly are amazing! 

Something I love so much about our hustl. community is the fact we get to share every class with thousands of people around the world. It is so special to see our community grow, and it honestly is nothing short of incredible. But when we are sharing something like a challenge together, it also means we can become guilty of comparing ourselves to others. 

Which is why I want to share my number one tip for getting the most out of this challenge (and all of our challenges for that matter): focus on you, for you. I know you’ve heard this before, but I want you to read it again.

Everyone’s journey is different, so don’t waste your precious energy comparing yourself to someone else. Feeling good comes from within, and when you focus on you, I promise you’ll have more fun.

You have joined this challenge, set your intentions, committed to yourself, and are showing up everyday to make a positive impact on your life. Let’s celebrate that! You are stronger than you know, so stop doubting yourself and keep working hard. 

As we head into the final week of burn & blast, I want you to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing work you have already put in, and remind yourself why you started. Remember angel, no one is you and that is your power.

I love you always,

Alexz. xo

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