Today I’m sitting down with Kika (aka our firecracker/pocket rocket/crazy Kika) to ask her a few quick q’s. Kika brings so much energy and light to our online classes and Byron studio, and her classes are ALWAYS full of spice… something i’m sure you’re well acquainted with.

Kika has over 10 years of experience in group fitness, dance, mat, barre and reformer, and I am honestly so inspired by her passion and love for training. 

Enjoy this read my angels. xo


Describe yourself in 3 words.
Energetic, driven, loyal

Can you tell us a bit about how you got started working in the fitness industry?
I have always been in the fitness field since I was little and I have always pictured myself as an energetic, fun & strong instructor. That’s why I chose this industry, it was always my dream job. I love to make people happy, help them to achieve their goals and to be confident with their body and feel better mentally and physically.

What do you love most about being a HUSTL trainer?
oh mamma, I seriously love everything about my beautiful Hustl community. It’s honestly like a family, it’s fun it’s cool it’s loud & strong. It’s simply amazing.

And if you weren’t a trainer, what do you think you’d be doing instead?
Maybe a Physiotherapist or Dentist…but maybe not cause I’m hyperactive lol.

You have your own online business K-Forma, offering an amazing range of workout essentials - what inspired you to create K-forma?
I always dreamed to have my own Fitness-Pilates branding, that’s why 
I created this collection of fitness accessories to represent who I am and how much I love to express myself through exercise. 

K-FORMA is all you need for a full body workout whether at home or on the go. 
What does a day in the life of Kika look like?
My day usually involves teaching and/or recording at the studio or training for myself. I like to do different types of exercises like; boxing, Pilates, yoga, cardio workout or running. I’m a super active person so I’m trying to incorporate some downtime into my day! 


Fast Four.

  1. Your coffee order? Weak soy cap
  2. Next destination on your travel bucket list? EUROPE, my beautiful Italy <3 
  3. Pace or Form? Form
  4. What are you reading or watching atm? I am missing my country a bit, so I have been watching lots of Italian movies.

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