Monday 6th - Sunday 19th May 2024


Introducing our next online challenge; Lengthen & Strengthen with Master Trainers Kath & Jess.

This NEW 14 day challenge is one not to be missed - for the first time ever we will be combining all of your favourite modalities: Pilates, Strength & Yoga.

With a full body focus, the workouts are designed to lengthen, strengthen & define your body from head to toe. Each class will be a mixture of 20 & 30 minutes in length, allowing you to commit to your health & fitness goals with efficient & effective workouts that can be completed any time, anywhere!

The challenge is suitable for all fitness levels and modifications will be provided, however as always, we recommend taking the challenge at your own pace and listening to your body.

Ready to commit?

Don’t forget to read through our FAQ section at the bottom of this page, to ensure you have all the information you need to participate in the challenge.... Then sign up via the link below to secure your spot and be in with a chance of winning the $500 cash prize!

We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.


When does the challenge start & finish?

The next challenge commences on Monday 6th May and requires you to complete 14 Classes in 14 Days, ending on Sunday 19th May.

How do I sign up?

The challenge registration is open.

You must have an active online membership & register via the form in order to take part in the challenge.

What equipment will I need?






*Please note, you can still complete the challenge even if you do not have all of the listed equipment.

How long are the workouts?

Each class will be a mix of 20 & 30 minute classes.

Is the challenge suitable for me?

This challenge is suitable for all fitness levels, modifications will be available. We advise you to listen to your body and complete the range of movement that feels right for you; remembering your body is your best guide.

Can I start & finish the challenge at a later date?

We suggest starting each challenge on the official start date in order to have a chance of winning the $500 cash prize.

Prize & eligibility

One winner receives:
$500 AUD Cash Prize

To be eligible to win the prize you must:

√ Be an online member
√ Complete 14 classes over the 14 days
√ Post 14 insta-stories or TikTok shares over the 14 days, tagging @hustl._ (private accounts not eligible)

Where can I find the accountability tracker?

To keep you accountable our challenge trackers will be posted on our instagram and within our community facebook group the week before the challenge start date. You can also find them within the app once the challenge is live.


1.  If you cancel your membership during a challenge that you have registered for, your access to the challenge will be revoked immediately.

 2.  If you cancel your membership during a challenge that you have registered for, you will be ineligible for any prizes or giveaways associated with the challenge.

 3.  All challenge participants must have a current, paid membership.  Challenges are not open to participants who are undertaking a 7 day free trial or have payments in arrears.

Our community is inspiring, motivating and passionate. With members located all over the world, we are so lucky to have such a special group of people, that are all connected with the same goal, to look and feel their best.


I have been a member of HUSTL. STATION for almost a year now. It’s the only online platform I have ever stuck too. The expiring classes give me an extreme fear of missing out. I’m a mother of 4 so anyone that can get me to work out let alone set aside the time is a godsend. Please never stop teaching. My love handles need you.

Jess | Online Member


Challenge was UNREAL! I am now in the biggest GROOVE! And feel like I need to HUSTL. everyday! Thank you for giving me back my mojo! It's been fabulous for my mental health too! Giving me purpose, determination and a sense of accomplishment every day! Thank you for keeping me accountable and feeling FIT and FRESH! x

Millie | Online Member


Honestly, best classes, teachers & platform ever. I love the swearing, the playlists and the instructors. I haven’t felt this good in my body for a while and I owe it all to HUSTL. You girls honestly have made me so much happier, mentally and physically. Thank you, thank you xx

Dakota | Online Member


Totally addicted. It’s like a reality tv show that gets me in shape. I started in lock down and I haven’t stopped since. Love the PACE classes and all the challenges. Most interactive online workouts I’ve ever been a part of. HUSTL. has changed my life.

Samantha | Online Member


What a brilliant Challenge! I absolutely loved every second of it. This has totally reinvigorated my love for Pilates and has given me a sense of purpose. Knowing that I was part of a collective in pain made it all a little less! What an incredible community you have created!

Sally | Online Member


Thank you guys so much for the burnnnn!!!! Such an incredible Challenge and will be the first of many that I will do with you guys. I'm so glad I bit the bullet and signed up, best thing I have ever done! You've given me a new found confidence and I'm so grateful!

Sarah | Online Member


Absolutely loving this challenge. It is just what I needed to get myself reset. And when I have had the extra time this week, I have done a class from the blasters or the weekly class to push myself. I am certainly a better version of me when I'm Hustln. Thank you.

Katie | Online Member


I am honestly loving the 12 minute burners. It feels like such a doable length, and I get excited for them!! Doesn't feel like a major time commitment, which can sometimes be so difficult during the work week. And my muscles are SORE!

Monica | Online Member


Still absolutely blown away from the difference in my body from when I fist started HUSTL. until now. Everything looks more toned and tight - So happy!

Courtney | Online Member


So fun and sweaty!! Love having the both of you on screen! A minute never felt so long as in that last round. I'm doing this challenge to feel like my best! Just over 2 months until my wedding so want to feel like my most vibrant self.

Sarah | Online Member


We have a range of many past favourite challenges stored in our online library, so you can choose to challenge yourself independently anytime, anywhere. Enjoy Angels x

√ 14 Classes, 14 days
√ Circuit & HIIT style classes
√ Increase your strength

√ 21 Classes, 21 days
√ Pilates & HIIT style classes
√ Designed for fat loss & muscle tone

√ 14 Classes, 14 days
√ Pilates & Barre style classes
√ Strengthen your glutes and lower body