Georgie Stevenson is a local gold coast Mum, business owner, podcaster, social media personality and health advocate... aka, a very busy lady, and a dear friend of HUSTL! I recently sat down with Georgie to chat how she juggles her demanding work schedule, navigating being a new mum, and living a healthy, balanced life. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat Georgie! I know your schedule must be a little (or a lot) crazy - can you tell me why prioritising a healthy lifestyle is important to you?

It’s important because when I feel good, everything works better. I’m a better mum, a better partner & a better leader at work! When I’m looking after myself and prioritising my health, everything else falls into place and I genuinely feel good from the inside out.

Can you talk me through what a typical day in the life looks like for you?
Sure! I wake up at 5.30am, do a 5.50am group class & get ready for work by 7am. Ivy wakes up and I change her nappy and get her ready. I give her a bottle while my husband makes us breakfast which I'll usually eat on the way to work. My work day is usually from 8:00am to 3:30pm. Once I get home, I take Ivy for a beach walk, do her bedtime routine then Tim and I are in bed ourselves by 8.30pm. I’m always asleep by 9pm just in case Ivy wakes during the night. 

You recently celebrated your first Mother's Day, congratulations! What has being a Mum taught you?
Thank you so much! The number one lesson I've learnt is that no matter how much of a control freak you are, you can’t control everything. These past 6 months I have really had to accept and come to terms with this and go with the flow a bit more. Mostly it’s taught me to cherish the small moments in each day & appreciate the slow lane, which I’ve surprisingly loved!

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow new mum who is also trying to find a sense of balance?
To be kind to yourself & know that it’s never to look perfect. I have a weekly goal of movement 3 x a week. Sometimes I smash this, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Try to get into a routine but also don’t be stressed when things go to plan! Lastly, enjoy it! They will never be this small again. 

In 2019 you co-founded Naked Harvest; an all-natural supplements company designed to fuel, complement and optimise a healthy lifestyle. What is your current go-to supplement(s) you can't go a day without?
I love this question! I'm slowly starting to get back into the gym, so taking our natural pre-workout is a must for me! I also add our Thrive Plant Protein to my brekkie smoothie, mostly for convenience as my mornings are usually busy. Lastly, my nighttime routine isn't complete without our Moon Mylk hot chocolate because this mum needs all the sleep she can get these days!

What type of workout have you been loving lately?
I love group fitness for motivation & accountability!

And last but not least, what is one show/song/food or place you are currently obsessing over?
I’m watching Selling Sunset to switch off after a long day (it's my guilty pleasure), but I'm also currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Highly recommend! 


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