Tired of pressing play on the same playlists to get you through your morning walks? If you’re in the mood to swap your music for an entertaining podcast, keep reading to see what the Hustl community are currently loving.

The Imperfects
In this podcast, Hugh, Josh and Ryan chat to a variety of interesting people who bravely share their struggles and imperfections, and we all learn. This podcast highlights that everyone, no matter how successful, has something they are battling with, and teaches some valuable take-aways we can apply to our own imperfect lives.


Anything Goes - Emma Chamberlain
Anything Goes, by everyone’s favourite youtuber Emma Chamberlain, is a podcast that’s sometimes about philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting.

Life Uncut
Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing is off limits in this podcast that navigates relationships and dating in the modern day. Brought to you by two bachelor finalists Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

Do you F*cking Mind?

This podcast by Alexis Fernandos gives ‘mindset hacks to live the most badass life’. All things self growth, self love, relationship and learning to give less of a f**k, with some neuroscience thrown in for good measure!

Everybody has a secret
This is a new podcast series that features host, Annabelle Lee, and a roster of incredible guest co-hosts as they unpack the wild, never-been-told, real-life secrets of their listeners.

The Mind Your Business Podcast
All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, an online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Author and life coach, Jay Shetty, shares fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world, with the mission to make wisdom go viral.

Call Her Daddy
Hosted by Alex Cooper, Call Her Daddy produces raw, relevant and provocative conversations that promote sexual liberty and personal empowerment while stripping away any barriers of judgement


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