Following my recent chat with Jess, Heidi and Mei, I'm bringing you the second (and equally wonderful) half of our byron team - Audrey and Jasmine! I hope you enjoy getting to know our studio angels a little better.

What is your favourite thing about being a HUSTL trainer?
Audrey: ALL THE THINGS ARE MY FAVOURITE! I'm obsessed with our clientele and have deeply enjoyed cultivating relationships with all our members. Seeing people show up for themselves day after day, finding and harnessing their inner strength with it manifesting outwardly through their consistent practice has been so incredibly powerful.  I started off as a member and now have the privilege to be a trainer, so I really enjoy that it's all come full circle for me and feel that provides me a unique opportunity in the way I connect with our members. It's seriously an all time girl gang of trainers with relentless support, positivity and lolz! Lex is forever encouraging us to be our brightest, shiniest, most unique, strange and wonderful selves, which is empowering, refreshing and just so damn fun!

Jasmine: Firstly, working for and with Alexz! This girl is incredibly driven and inspiring, making our team at HUSTL so unique! Being given free reign to express our creative talents in the studio, and being able to be as creative and authentic as we want. NO RULES wooo!

What does a typical morning look like for you, before a day of work?
Audrey: If I'm working in the early morning, then a typical morning before work includes a toothbrush party, making myself look socially acceptable (a.k.a taming my long curly mane), and getting to the studio. If I'm teaching in the evening, then there is absolutely no such thing as a "typical" day for me! 

Jasmine: Wake up at 4:05am. Ice Bath and breath work. Matcha and go!

If you weren't a HUSTL trainer, what would you be doing?
Audrey: I've always had a broad range of interests and have never cruised in just one lane, exclusively, with work. I have a few different roles that I do part time including working for a not-for-profit, events coordination and project management for small businesses. I also really value having time throughout the day to do things I love, like getting out in the surf, doing a lighty walk, or catching up with friends with equally flexible schedules for a cuppa or meal, so I've always prioritised being in roles that allow for that flexibility and ownership of my time. If we're being totally honest though, the ultimate dream job is to be an author of kid's books or a palaeontologist.

Jasmine: Cooking. My side hustle as a plant based intuitive wellbeing recipe creator and chef is also a strong passion of mine. I have created several ebooks and am passionate about educating and teaching people about eating delicious healthy and nourishing foods on my website J.Nourish.

Pick your poison: if you had to choose one HUSTL class for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Audrey: I'm SO passionate about pilates, so FORM. I'm also super excited to try our new BLACK OUT (FORM) class, so maybe too soon to say?!

Jasmine: BLACK OUT. Right now, because its new, fun, and I love a booty and core burn!

What music is on heavy rotation for you at the moment?

Audrey: Anything on the Anjunadeep record label.

Jasmine: Tulum Energy Playlist. It's amazing. When I'm in the studio, I love Some Drake, or pick up the pace with some Drums and Bass.

When you’re not instructing, what is your go-to day off activity?

Audrey: It's an absolute no-brainer to go for a walk in nature with the silver platter of waterfalls and ancient rainforest we have at our doorstep! Eating is also a favourite, whether that's cooking up a feast at home or heading out somewhere. 

Jasmine: Walking my pooch Ziggy down the beach. Farmers Markets. Coffee Catch ups or creating yummy new recipes!

What's a secret talent you have that no one knows about?

Audrey: Secrets don't make friends! But in all seriousness... I time travel.

Jasmine: Horse riding. I competed my whole childhood and life growing up and was quite successful.


Byron Bay is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and you get to call it home! What is your favourite thing about living/working in Byron?

Audrey: The energy and power of this part of the world is undeniable. It's attracted some of my favourite humans on this whole wide world to call it home and I'm so grateful that I get to do life here with them loving and living every day!

Jasmine: The laid back coastal energy of the people, yet still being chic and having amazing access to all areas of the Hearth and Wellness industry covered from Fitness, to Food to community and alternative practices.

And last but not least, what show are you currently binging?

Audrey: Errrrmerrrrgerrrrrd! Just finished Yellowstone and holy shitballs is Beth the best character ever or what?! I also recently re-watched Curb Your Enthusiasm from the beginning and it's still one of my all time favs!

I don't get a lot of time for TV. But I was obsessed with Money Heist!

I love you,
Alexz. xo

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