Picture this, your alarm goes off early in the morning, you feel the cold Winter air on your face, it’s still dark outside, you’re cozy and warm in bed, and so instead of getting up to HUSTL, you roll over and press snooze.

We’re all guilty of losing motivation and skipping out on a workout when the cold weather hits. But when one missed workout turns into a 4, and a week turns into three, we can start to feel a bit blah!

So for all my southern hemisphere girls going into Winter, here are my top tips to stay motivated in the cooler months.

  1. Plan and book your workouts ahead of time
    While you’re sipping on your coffee on a Sunday morning, decide what classes you want to do for the week ahead, schedule them in and write it in your diary. Act like they’re a doctor’s appointment you can’t miss!

  2. Set a goal
    Having something to work towards is such a great tool to stay motivated, and it’s never a bad time to create a new goal. Do you want to become stronger, de-stress or make a physical change? Next time you want to hit snooze, think about your goal and the accomplishment you’ll feel knowing you are one step closer to achieving it.

  3. Do something you enjoy
    Working out is so much easier when you’re doing something you genuinely enjoy! If you know that yoga just isn’t your thing, no matter how much you try, don’t force yourself to do it. Opt for a class that you know you like, and you will be so much more motivated to go.

  4. Buddy up
    Working out with someone adds an extra incentive and makes the workout a little more sociable and enjoyable. Also, I don’t know about you, but I find it SO much harder to cancel on a friend than just deciding not to workout by myself.

  5. Be kind to yourself
    This one is important. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re lacking motivation - it is totally normal to go through waves. Remember that any movement is better than none, and treat yourself afterwards to a nice warm bath or a big cup of coffee. You’ve got this angel.

I love you,
Alexz xo.

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