I sat down with Jess, Heidi and Mei, three of our talented byron studio trainers, to chat about all things HUSTL, life as a trainer, living in Byron and current faves. A fun conversation with three amazing women!

What is your favourite thing about being a HUSTL trainer?

Jess: Alexz has created a culture of fun at HUSTL. So as a trainer not only do I get to connect with beautiful humans, but I get to spend 45 mins of FORM. Bossing them around and cranking all my fave loud music until their little buns are burning, their dopamine is pumping and they have a sense of their own capability and how badass they are. It’s the best! 

Heidi: The studio environment, community & vibe.

Mei: It’s a safe, supportive and uplifting space where I get to be my 100% most authentic self! 

What does a typical morning look like for you, before a day of work?
Jess: Wish I could say I did the most but I wake up at 4:45AM throw on some fitness wear, slap on makeup in the dark, sip some warm water with lemon juice, skull a coffee then gun it to the studio. 

Heidi: 5am rise, brush teeth & tongue scrape, coconut oil pulling, lemon, ginger, tumeric warm tonic, meditation & pranayama (at home or beach), yoga practice, magic mushroom & cacao at the Roadhouse & lighthouse walk with friends.

Mei: Either lifting weights at the gym, or Pilates, followed by an infra red sauna and an ice bath or a dip in the dam.

If you weren't a HUSTL trainer, what would you be doing?
Jess: Oh gosh, maybe trying my luck as a life coach, a psychologist or a MUA (lol). 

Heidi: Teaching & practicing yoga.

Mei: If I wasn’t a Hustl trainer, I’d be doing everything in my power to become one!

Pick your poison: if you had to choose one HUSTL class for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Jess: FORM. It’s all of the tings: Barre, Mat, yoga, stretch or twwwerk class (plus props for dayyyys).

Heidi: YANG ;), yoga is my soul medicine.

Mei: FORM!

What music is on heavy rotation for you at the moment?

Jess: Doja Cat, Dua Lipa or my “Retro Fit” workout playlist. 

Heidi: I've just spent the most heart expanding, funnest Easter weekend at the Byron Bay Blues Fest so I'm feeling inspired by the artists I saw - Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Fat Freddy's Drop, Kim Churchill. Also love Trevor Hall & East Forest.

Mei: Baby boy ~ Beyoncé and Sean Paul

When you’re not instructing, what is your go-to day off activity?

Jess: Hanging out with my husband Winston, and our cat Shadow, going for a surf, planning a surf trip and watching “RuPaul’s Drag Race” with friends. 

Heidi: Going to yoga at my local studio Creature, lighthouse walk, Roadhouse date with friends, live music, farmers markets, kinesiology & massage.

Mei: Either chilling by the beach, or going out for lunch with my partner Sam and my mum.

What's a secret talent you have that no one knows about?

Jess: Dance floor destroyer (although everyone knows that, right?)

Heidi: Haha this is a tricky one! My friends say that I have the ability to make everybody feel safe, accepted, seen & heard. This allows them to be vulnerable and share all the things.

Mei: I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue whilst in a handstand hahah

Byron Bay is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and you get to call it home! What is your favourite thing about living/working in Byron?

Jess: Byron is my happy place, I love the coastal lifestyle, the people, the surf and wellness culture, the food, and it’s relentless physical beauty. 

Heidi: The community - amazing open hearted people doing amazing things, the access to organic delicious fresh foods at the local cafes, Santos, Baz & Shaz, farmers markets, the live music, festivals, the holistic practitioners, the yoga, the beaches, rainforests & waterfalls.

Mei: Fave thing is the epic beaches and the like minded people! It’s such a dreamy place to live. 

And last but not least, what show are you currently binging?

Jess: I’m ALWAYS binging a past, current or All Stars Season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” - the best show EVER. 

Heidi: I'm not a binger but if I do watch something it's lighthearted, filled with love & beautiful heart expanding, goosebump inducing messages think Eat Pray Love, Avatar, the RAM DASS series on Gaia.

Mei: OUTLANDER!!! Finally up to season 5 

I love you, 
Alexz xo.

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