This Valentine’s Day, we are drawing attention to spreading love, in a slightly different way. 
No matter what your relationship status is, how much money you have, or where you are located in the world, we have listed a few of our favourite and most thoughtful ways to share and spread love, not only with those around you, but for yourself too.


Start your day with self love, a chance to focus on you and you only. It will allow you to feel calm, centred and clear minded.

Try this 2 minute meditation from Deepak Chopra.

Take a moment to put pen to paper and write about all the people you love in your life and why. Express gratitude for those around you.

For inspiration, we love Oprah’s daily gratitude quotes.


It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, keep it simple and remember it is the thought that counts.

Our favourite random acts of kindness:
Anonymously pay for someone’s coffee
Send flowers to a friend
Give a stranger a compliment
Make a playlist for someone
Bake treats for your neighbour
Leave a kind note on a strangers car

  QUALITY TIME (with a loved one, even if it's just you)

Get rid of distractions and spend one on one time with a loved one. It could be as simple as making a home cooked meal, having a heart felt conversation, taking a painting class, an evening walk outside in nature, or face-timing a friend or family member you don’t get to speak to, as often as you would like.

If you choose to make a home cooked meal, find some delicious recipe inspiration on the online platform here.


Finish your Valentine's Day with words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation are one of the five love languages; these words can be spoken or written and should aim to communicate love, respect, support & appreciation for a loved one. 

A few simple examples:
I love you.
I appreciate when you…
Thank you for making me feel loved.
I believe in you.
I was so impressed when you…
You are such a good friend/partner/person.
You are thoughtful.

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day my angels, I truly love you all.

    Alexz. xo


    • Anya said:

      This was lovey

      February 16, 2023

    • Samantha said:

      That was a beautiful post . Happy Love Day

      February 14, 2023

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