We are excited to reveal a brand new Master Trainer to the HUSTL. ONLINE family, say hello to Duncan. Our incredible, inspiring & insanely talented Yoga powerhouse.

Duncan has been teaching across the globe for over 16 years & brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the industry. His classes are strong, with a heightened focus on alignment, smart creative flows, and creating space for deep release.

We sat down with Duncan to ask a few burning questions, to help you all get to know him a little better...

Enjoy. x


  1. How long have you been teaching Yoga & what inspired you to get started in the industry?
    I’ve been teaching yoga for 16 years. After a particularly tough breakup (in high school), I was chatting with my friend saying,  “Marnie, I think I need to focus on learning how to love myself as much as I’m interested in loving others”. And my friend Marnie said, “You need to come to yoga with me.” The rest is history.

  2. What is your favourite style of yoga to practice and teach?
    I like all styles of yoga and teach several. But I mostly teach vinyasa style and power yoga because I like to flow, and I love a challenge.

  3. 3 lessons you have learnt since becoming a Yoga instructor?
    Straight from Patanjali’s yoga sutras (book of yoga philosophy): 
    - Life happens in the present moment, live in the now.
    - Overthinking can cause suffering, it’s important to say “no-thank you” to certain thoughts for peace of mind.
    - You are more than a physical entity, you are a spiritual being. Chanting, meditation, breath exercises, yoga poses can be gateways to that other dimension of yourself.

  4. Outside of Yoga & teaching, what are your favourite hobbies/where can we find you on the weekend?
    I love being outdoors in nature, I love reading, I love dancing and I’m obsessed with Rupaul’s Drag Race.

  5. Describe yourself in 3 words
    Sensitive. Kind. Spicy.


  1. Go-to coffee order? Soy Latte
  2. Favourite holiday destination? I live there - Byron Bay. Other than that - Bali.
  3. What are you currently watching / reading? Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Obsessed with this book, it’s packed with great quotes: "I looked hard at my faith, my friendships, my work, my sexuality, my entire life and asked: How much of this was my idea?…Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?”
  4. One thing you can’t live without? My family.
  5. If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pad thai, with lots of veggies and tofu.


Duncan's classes are now LIVE on the platform, click here to sign in and join him on the mat. 


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