Welcome to our blog series #MyHustl with, where each month we will feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to train and for a special insight into their world.

The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community.

I love you, Alexz. xo


Meet Anna, online HUSTL. member since August 2021. Anna has shared with us a few of her favourite photographs that she has captured herself, and we wanted to feature them to showcase her wonderful talents.


Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
I’m originally from Barcelona (Spain) and have been living in the Byron Shire in Australia for nearly 8 years. I’m currently changing careers and studying to become a Paramedic (yay!). I also volunteer at the SES in my free time and do some Photography on the side whenever I can. To be honest, I’ve never stuck to a fitness routine. I now understand how important it is to have one. Fitness has always helped me to keep my mental health in check. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety on and off for a few years, but last year was particularly hard. The ALL IN Challenge came around and thanks fuck for that. It was exactly what I needed, an ALL IN kind of situation to get me out of that whole. So I signed up and I’m so glad I did. It got me out of one of the toughest times and now I’m all happy-chappy again. 


Congratulations on winning the ALL IN CHALLENGE, how did you feel when you found out the news?
I was quite shocked, to be honest. I saw so many other Hustlers killing it out there in their stories! I was just having fun and being silly throughout, I would have never dreamed to actually win! In my mind, I had already won by regaining my mental/physical health back, and that was a massive personal win. I can’t thank you all enough. I’m not gonna lie though, this prize will come in handy 😋 


What did you enjoy most about the challenge?
So many things. The diversity of styles, of intensities, the banter, the rawness, the giggles, the boogies, the singing, the chit-chat, the "are you there?". I fucking love it all and I’m here for it. The biggest one though is the way it reminded me that I have everything I ever need within myself. At any time in life, no matter how challenged I feel. At the end of the day, you're the one that has to show up and do it. You have to find that strength and commitment within yourself, even if you're in pain, your legs are melting, or your period is killing you. You show up and get it done. No excuses. That level of resilience makes you feel amazing, it empowers you. Then you can take that and apply it to so many other areas in your life. It shows you, it reminds you, that YOU are in control of what you can achieve. Something switches, you start showing up because instead of an obligation it has now become a will. Regaining that belief in yourself sets you fucking free. People think these challenges are only physical - they're not. It’s a mental challenge. With yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. It got me out of a deep depression. I would have never thought that a fitness challenge would give me my life back. If this is not powerful, I don’t know what is. 


One piece of advice you would share with the community?
If you feel down, move, get active. Do it. Honestly, don’t think about it. Just get up and move. After 5 minutes you’ll start feeling heaps better. So simple, yet so effective. Our bodies like to move, they need it. And that’s kind of beautiful. If you want to change your life, start doing things differently, challenge yourself, prove that shitty inner voice wrong. You’re way stronger than you think you are, and your mental and physical health deserve that extra attention and space in your life. So make it happen. Show up for yourself the way you'd show up for your favourite person. You're also important and you deserve that effort. So show up for yourself. Your mental health and physical health go hand in hand. When one is down, check how is the other. They balance each other out, don't ever forget that. 


What do you love most about HUSTL.?
The willingness to always have fun while kicking ass at the same time. You girls are unapologetically yourselves and that’s gold. In a world of so much fakeness, you show up as your true selves. You’re not afraid to be bold, loud and wild. And that’s how it should be. Please keep giggling, being silly, swearing, chatting, dancing, pulling faces, letting Levi tag a long and do his thing, the whole lot. Everyone should always feel safe to be themselves, anytime, anywhere. The world needs to loosen up. And you’re showing exactly that. I think it’s so important to reinforce that message. Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself, who the f*^}+% cares what other people think. Do you, always. If they don’t vibe, they’re not your tribe. 


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