Being a ‘yes’ person to everyone else really isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. Naturally as humans we want to go with the grain, it takes more energy and more effort to say no to something we don’t want to do. Which is bizarre. If saying no to someone or something is going to bring us closer to our authentic selves, then let’s start doing more of that please. 


Here’s how we’re doubling down on asserting our needs while respecting the feelings of others and most importantly ourselves.

  1. Firstly, mindset it everything. We need to accept the fact that boundary setting with yourself should not be viewed as a punishment. Yes, they will feel difficult, but so long as the intention of a boundary will ultimately make us better – then it should be viewed as a reward. When you set a boundary with yourself what you are really doing is offering yourself an amazing opportunity to grow. 
  2. You’re going to have to level up on your discipline. I’m sorry, but setting boundaries with yourself is actually a lot harder than setting them with other people. Because you are your only checkpoint. Hot tip here is to write down your main intention/ reason why behind set boundary, and be clear. Keep this somewhere you will constantly be reminded of why you started. Remember angel, nothing worth having ever comes easy, and self-work only works if we genuinely want to work on ourselves. 


Boundary setting is an amazing practice in self-care and overall confidence. One day on your self-work journey, you will take a step back to reflect on the progress you’ve made you will be so proud. It’s a crucial step in executing a boundary that we celebrate the little wins along the way, to acknowledge the need for the work we are doing and for the work we have so far done. 

Some examples of boundaries I have set at certain points in my life. 

  • No emails, social media or any sort of work communication 1 hour before bed.
  • Setting a time limit on screen time when I am around those I love.
  • Reconnecting with nature by doing for a walk outside everyday. 

Start small, go big angel.

I love you,

Alexz. Xo

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