If you know me, you know that I practically live in activewear all day everyday. In fact, you can go right ahead and write down in my will that I wish to be buried in my Nike Metcons.

I get asked a lot about where I like to shop for my sports apparel. I tend to go for specific pieces that are versatile so that I can pair back with the other 99% of my daily wardrobe, styling it more ‘athleisure’.


For everything top to bottom, I make a b-line for Nike. In my opinion, they are the best in the biz especially for sports footwear and oversized men’s hoodies. Nike is OG and will forever have my heart.


The queens of neutrals. Think Yeezy colour palette, but sleek design. I am a forever fan girl of this luxe brand and their ability to keep me coming back for more of the same bike shorts and training bras just in a slightly different shade of nude.


Stylish and practical. Muscle Republic just knows their stuff when it comes to activewear. Forever responding to trending moments (like colour blocking and camo) yet remaining supportive and functional. These guys make up at least 75% of my activewear drawer.


Your one-stop shop for all things active. If I’m in the mood to browse but not quite sure what I’m looking for I will spend a little time on and sure enough the need to buy a whole new set from socks to cap will smack me hard in the face. What I love most about Stylerunner isn’t the fact they stock basically every active brand, I absolutely adore their own range of leggings/ training bras, they’re super comfortable, buttery soft and sit on the body just right.


Their new performance range works miracles, enough said.



I love you always, 

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