Whether you are working towards a health & fitness goal, or simply looking to be more efficient with your time & energy, meal prepping is such an incredible way to ensure you are consistently eating balanced & nutritious meals. Not to mention, planning & preparing meals in advance can also prove effective when working towards a budget as it can reduce overall spending costs on food & meals out.

So if you are new to meal prepping or simply looking to sharpen up your skills; I have put together a guide that will help you become a meal prep queen (or king) in no time...


Create a plan:

At the start of each week make a plan of what meals you want to make for the days ahead. Ensure each meal is well balanced and fits within your dietary needs - from here. create an ingredients list that will make your food shopping experience more efficient & organised. When shopping, avoid impulse purchases and consider buying ingredients in bulk to save money.

Recipe choices:

Aim for recipes that are easy to make in batches and can be stored well. Look for recipes that use similar ingredients to minimise waste and simplify shopping. Focus on balanced meals that include protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and of course plenty of fruit & veggies (not forgetting the odd treat or two as well, because = balance!!)

Prep ingredients: 

Set aside some time to wash, chop, and portion out ingredients in advance. This can include vegetables, fruits, grains, and proteins. Prepping ingredients ahead of time will streamline the cooking process during the week.


If you don’t have any storage containers at home already, I would recommend investing in ones that are freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and leak-proof. You can then portion out your meals into individual containers, making sure to include a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables in each serving.

Label and date: 

For your freezer meals, I love to use labels (or removable marker pens) to label each container with the date it was prepared and the contents inside. This will help you keep track of what's in your freezer and ensure you use up meals before they go out of date - nothing worse than food going to waste!


I will admit it, I am guilty of eating the same things week in, week out… But if, unlike me, you need variety in your life you can keep things interesting by rotating your meal choices each week. This will make the meal prepping process more exciting and it will ensure you are creating meals that you will actually look forward to eating!


If you are in need of some meal prepping recipes to make, I have popped a few of my favourites below, that you can access via the online platform.


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Alexz. x

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