Movement = medicine. Moving our bodies daily brings so many more benefits than just hitting a fitness goal. Personally speaking, I move daily for the endorphins, for my mental health, and because it honestly just makes me feel good.

If you’re not feeling up to a HUSTL class, don’t stress. Your movement could be a morning walk, putting your favourite playlist on and dancing in your lounge room, or jumping in the ocean for a swim. Doing what feels good for you and your body is most important, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself!

If you’re a gold coast local looking for some inspo, or planning a visit soon, keep reading for a few of my favourite ways + places to move my body on the gc.

  1. Burleigh National Park
    If you want the best views of the Gold Coast, this walk is definitely a must. You can choose from two tracks, both serving equally beautiful views from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta along the way. A perfect weekend activity!

  2. Springbrook National Park
    Swap the ocean for rainforest and enjoy the beautiful waterfall hikes Springbrook has to offer. It’s only a short drive from Burleigh, and honestly feels like you’re transported to

  3. Beach walk
    Something I love about the gold coast is the fact that there are so many beautiful beaches, perfect for enjoying a long walk. Literally choose any gc beach and you will find a walking path accompanying it, ready for you to get your daily steps in. Grab a girlfriend, stop for coffee along the way, and you’ve got an ideal Sunday morning if you ask me.

  4. HUSTL. of course.
    Honestly, did you really think I would write a gc guide without including our HUSTL studio?! If you’re on the gold coast, visit our studio in nobby beach and i promise you the ocean views will not disappoint. You’ll be so mesmerized by the sunrise, you won’t even notice your muscles burning (okay, maybe just a little bit). 
I love you,
Alexz. xo

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