Do you ever feel like your days are somehow escaping you, and you need a little time to reset + refocus? 

We all go through different stages when our schedule might be insanely busy, something unexpected pops up, or we simply just fall out of routine. Never fear angels, keep reading for my top tips to reset and refocus.

clean + organise your space
I don’t know why, but a clean space just does wonders for my productivity. Don’t get me wrong, cleaning and organising is easy to procrastinate, but if you can muster the energy to get your space in order, it will honestly give you a breath of fresh air and (hopefully) new found motivation. Get this done, and you will feel SO ready to take on whatever your week throws at you.

remind yourself of your goals
Remember when we set our 2022 goals? Well somehow it’s already March and we are well into the year, which means it can be easy to drift away from the goals you set for yourself. Take a moment to sit down and revisit your January vision. Is there something you could be focusing more on? A goal you haven’t dedicated enough time to? Remind yourself why you want to achieve these things, and praise yourself for the hard work you have already put in this year!

spend time doing what you love
If you feel like you need to refocus and dedicate time to an important goal, this one might seem a little counterintuitive, but trust me. By spending time doing what you love, you can release pent up energy and nerves, and welcome a clear headspace to focus on what’s important.

plan your workouts for the week
Whether you train online or in-studio, choose and schedule your hustl classes ahead of time. Such a simple task but this really helps to set your intentions and feel focused for the week to come. Prioritise yourself angels!

I love you,Alexz xo

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