The festive season is here and for many of us that can mean busy social calendars, bottomless bubbles, decadent desserts and plenty of delicious food. The step away from routine and the increased intake of festive foods can be daunting for many and food guilt can result in feelings of stress and anxiety.

So I wanted to take a moment to remind you that it is important to acknowledge that the holiday season is a time to enjoy with your friends & family, so if you overindulge in chocolate or don’t have the time or energy to exercise, that is more than ok. That is just life. Good health comes from consistency and what you do MOST of the time - not all of the time, so an extra serving of dessert on Christmas day or a few drinks on New Years Eve, should be enjoyed for what they are, without feelings of regret.

Our goal at HUSTL is to always encourage balance, and this time of year is absolutely no exception. 

If you struggle with navigating your way through the festive season, I have shared a few strategies that I hope can provide you with some guidance.

Practise Mindful Eating
Tune in to your body & hunger cues and ask yourself how hungry you are and how much you would like to eat. By practising mindfulness prior to eating, it helps us make decisions around food based on how we actually feel, which in the end can result in us feeling more content and satisfied with our food choices. This strategy will also make us less likely to overeat and overall the dining experience will be more enjoyable. 

Don’t Label Foods Good or Bad
By categorising foods negatively or associating foods specifically to the festive season, it creates an idea that certain food groups are “off limits” and therefore a sense of urgency can cause many of us to over indulge, when we do allow ourselves to have them. To change this mindset, it is important to allow all foods to exist in your everyday diet, simply find the right balance and practice moderation with treats.

Avoid the All or Nothing Mindset
Just because it is the holiday season it does not mean you have to completely forget all of the healthy habits you practise on a day to day basis. To feel your best: stay hydrated with plenty of water between alcoholic drinks, add fruit & vegetables to your meals when you can, avoid skipping meals and eat regular snacks, and if you feel up to it, incorporate some light movement such as a walk outside in nature, a slow & steady stretch or a quick 10 minute blaster to bump up those endorphins. 


Have a safe & enjoyable festive season my darlings.
I love you,

Alexz. xo

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