Welcome to our blog series #MyHustl with, where each month we will feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to HUSTL. and for a special insight into their world. The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community. I love you, Alexz. xo


Meet Samantha, online HUSTL. Station member since September 2021.


Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
I had been on the hunt for the best style of workouts for me, because it seemed as though everyone else around me had found their signature workout styles - but me. I began researching pilates more and came across HUSTL. online. I remember it was 4am, I couldn't sleep so I signed up for the free trial and did my first workout with Alexz, and I was HOOKED! The energy, attitude, and burn that I felt was unlike any other. I have been religiously training with HUSTL. ever since. HUSTL. has been my holy grail in bettering my relationship with food, my body, my mental health... so much more than I ever thought I would get out of working out or out of pilates.

I am currently 8 months pregnant, and I am so grateful that I have been able to train with HUSTL. prenatally to keep my body strong! It's hard to find prenatal workouts that are enjoyable, that still push you, and it's even better if you love your trainers! I can't wait to continue this lifelong journey with HUSTL. 


What made you decide to join HUSTL.?
After trying out the unique workout styles that HUSTL. offers, I was immediately hooked. It feels like you're working out with your best friends. It's enjoyable, amazing for you, and truly so addicting!


What does your workout routine look like each week? 
Currently I aim for at least 10k steps a day, and pilates/strength/HILIT classes 4-5 days a week.


One piece of advice you would share with the community?
One amazing thing that I have learned through working out with HUSTL. is that it is so crucial to be gentle with yourself and take rest days. It helps you see the results you are looking for, both physically and mentally.  


What do you love most about HUSTL.?
I love the community, the workouts, but mostly the trainers. Each trainer has their own unique ways of teaching and encouraging you — and it really makes you feel like you are training right there with them! The commentary and humor makes it feel like you are training with your best friends


Favourite HUSTL. workout?
The Total Body Tone challenge!!!!!!
This challenge was so challenging physically and really strengthened me mentally as well. This is a challenge I will be repeating because it was SO amazing. I loved days 8 & 12, I am OBSESSED with the timing and structure of knocking out each movement 4-5 times then onto the next. Something about it just feels so good!



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