We’ve just wrapped up the 21 day Total Body Tone Challenge, and wow am I proud of everyone! Whilst it’s important to give our bodies a break and rest after working so hard for 3 weeks, the good habits we’ve developed can sometimes slip away as fast as they came.

Being and feeling like your best self means showing up every day, challenge or no challenge. I know it gets hard, and our busy lifestyles aren’t always conducive to putting our health and fitness first, so I wanted to share five of my favourite ways to create a healthy and maintainable routine to enjoy every day.

  1. Be clear on what you want to achieve
    What are you seeking to accomplish? And I don’t just mean a tangible end goal, but a feeling too. What are you striving for, and how do you want to feel when you get there?

  2. Start small and be realistic
    It’s so important to have a vision and set goals of what you want to achieve, but it’s even more important to be realistic with these goals. Start small with actions that are achievable for you and your lifestyle. This could be as simple as trying to get a few more steps in each day, drinking an extra litre of water or stretching for 5 minutes after your workout. Start small and go big angel. 

  3. Write it down and hold yourself accountable
    Keeping yourself accountable can be hard, and is something a lot of us underestimate when setting intentions or goals. My favourite way to keep myself on track is to write down my intentions and why they are important to me. This keeps me focused, clear on my ‘why’, and inspired to keep going when I need a reminder.

  4. Check in with yourself weekly
    Don’t set and forget. Dedicate time each week, perhaps on a Sunday night, to check in with yourself and how you are tracking. 

  5. Remember to be kind to yourself
    My last and most important tip is to be kind to yourself. Listen to your body, incorporate balance, and remember to look back on all you have achieved already. You are amazing. 



I love you, 
Alexz. Xo

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