If you are a member of our online platform or attend classes in-person at our Gold Coast studio, you will know just how much we love incorporating strength based exercises into our Pilates workouts. 

Strength & Pilates are two forms of movement that individually offer several benefits for the body,  but when the two forms of training are combined, the benefits are countless.

We are so excited to introduce even more strength based workouts to both our platform & studio classes over the coming months, and in celebration of this we wanted to share some of our favourite reasons on why pairing these modalities can be so beneficial!


  1. Improved Core Strength: Pilates focuses extensively on core strength, while strength training can target specific muscle groups. By combining the two, you can develop a stronger core, which is essential for overall stability and posture.

  2. Enhanced Flexibility: Pilates emphasises flexibility and mobility, which can complement the sometimes rigid nature of strength training exercises. This combination helps prevent injuries and improves overall range of motion.

  3. Muscle Balance and Symmetry: Strength training often involves isolated muscle work, which can lead to muscle imbalances if not balanced with exercises that engage complementary muscle groups. Pilates, with its focus on whole-body movements, helps promote muscle balance and symmetry.

  4. Enhanced Mind-Body Connection: Both Pilates and strength training require focus and concentration. Combining the two can deepen your mind-body connection, leading to better movement efficiency and technique in both practices.

  5. Functional Strength: Pilates exercises often mimic real-life movements, making them highly functional. By integrating strength training with Pilates, you can develop strength that translates more effectively to everyday activities and sports performance.

  6. Better Posture: Pilates exercises emphasise spinal alignment and core engagement, which can improve posture over time. Strengthening the muscles around the spine and core through strength training further enhances this effect.

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