My darlings, it is here. The busy festive season is upon us and I can feel myself needing a break already. In all seriousness, I love this time of year as there is nothing quite like being able to spend time with family, eating lots of delicious foods and to celebrate the end of another amazing year with staff Christmas parties & events.

However it is without a doubt that this time of year can often get a little crazy so it is more important than ever to ensure you are taking some time out for yourself to recharge your batteries.

I have created a list of a few of my favourite self care rituals that are perfect for when you are time poor. These simple but effective tools will help guide you through the Christmas period feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated.


Alexz. Xo

Move your body. 

Keep it simple, find a form of movement you enjoy and squeeze in what you can. Whether that is a 10 minute blaster, a stretch class or a 20 minute walk outside. Don’t overthink it, just listen to your body and do what feels right for you.


The perfect tool for switching off and bringing a sense of calm & balance into your day. Simply carve out 10-15 mins into your day, find a quiet space and watch your stress levels dramatically reduce. If you struggle to know where to start with meditation, there are so many amazing apps that can guide you through a meditation practice.

Reduce screen time.

I am definitely guilty of a late night scroll on social media, but by switching off your devices just one or two hours before you go to bed and (not reaching for your phone as soon as you wake in the morning), your quality of sleep will dramatically be improved and therefore your energy levels increased. Trust me when I say this is a habit you will learn to love.

Indulge in a magnesium bath. 

The benefits of a magnesium bath are honestly endless; relieves stress, restores muscle function, promotes good mood, reduces inflammation… The list could really go on. So light a candle, fill up the bath tub and take 20 mins (or however long you can spare) and give your body some much needed R&R.

Get cooking.

Known to relieve stress and boost mood, cooking can be extremely therapeutic. It allows you to focus your mind on a specific task, be creative and have fun whilst you’re at it. So put on your favourite playlist, pick a recipe from the HUSTL. Nutrition library and fire up the pan. 


If you have any additional self care tips you swear by, head over to the HUSTL. Community page and feel free to share them with the group - I love to hear your thoughts & feedback.

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