Each month we feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to HUSTL. and for a special insight into their world. The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community. I love you, Alexz. xo



Meet Kea, our Express Burn & Shape Challenge Winner.


Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
I have always had an active lifestyle consisting of hiking, swimming, dancing and adventures. I love yoga, pilates and exercise however I’ve always really struggled with consistency. I am a go all in or nothing type woman, super energetic and for years I would go absolutely mental for a week or two and then drop off and do nothing for a while. My friend introduced me to Hustl about two years ago and I loved doing it with her. I joined about 6 months ago. I LOVE IT. I am taking part in my third challenge right now. It’s so motivating and fun! I am feeling motivated, strong and healthy. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt so consistent.  


Congratulations on winning the Express Burn & Shape Challenge, how did you feel when you found out the news?
Super excited. I definitely gave this one my all and it was super challenging because I wasn’t at home. I was sailing our new catamaran back home from Sydney, so every day I did my hustle challenge in a new place, whether it be a dock in the marina, on the boat sailing the ocean, on a helicopter landing pad, or in the tiny boat on a rainy day. It kept things interesting and fun. 

What did you enjoy most about the Challenge?
I enjoyed actually liking Kika's workouts. When I first joined, I often skipped her stuff because I found her workouts to be way too hard and intense. Through this challenge I grew to really love her style and appreciate her strength. She is such a powerhouse and she helped me to feel super strong in my own body. 

What does your workout routine look like each week?
I am slowly building a more consistent routine with Hustl. I probably workout 3-5 days a week, for 3 weeks of a month (I definitely struggle to do high intensity movement during my moon-time). I go to sleep very early every night and wake up with the sun, so I like to get up straight away and put my yoga clothes on and then get straight into it with a cuppa on the go. That way I get it over and done with and I can focus on motherhood and life’s responsibilities. I find it’s always best to move my body on an empty stomach or I tend to feel quite sick throughout the workout. Finishing my movement first thing helps me to have a super healthy mind and body for the rest of the day.

One piece of advice you would share with the community?
Be gentle with yourself. Drink lots of water! Eat nourishing, healthy food. Use natural products on your face hair and body. Find some sort of consistent routine that works for you.

What do you love most about HUSTL.?
Definitely how incredibly motivating all the trainers are. It’s affordable and easy to workout in the comfort of your own home. Most of all though, LEXI! She is truly so inspiring and she just has this way about her, her magic personality just motivates me so much. She has curated a team of beautiful women who are all so awesome. My favourite kind of Hustl workouts are the ones on all fours on the mat, the type of “booty burn leg burn sequences”. 


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