“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do for yourself is rest.”

Do you thrive on being ‘busy’? Or always having the next thing to look forward to or work towards? Whilst I honestly believe it is so important to stay motivated and work hard to achieve your goals, this can sometimes manifest into a mindset that resting, or taking time to do nothing, is lazy, unproductive or even something that has to be ‘earnt’.

But I am here to tell you that rest is essential. It is productive. And it is not a reward. You deserve rest and you are worthy of it, so please angels, don’t ever feel guilty for taking time for you.

I allow myself time to rest whenever I need to. Resting allows my mind to let go of any resistance, and open up to new possibilities. It gives me space to wonder, take my time, create, explore and just be me. 

Everyone switches off and finds peace in different ways. The important thing is checking in with yourself and dedicating time whenever you need to. Maybe this means going for a long walk by yourself with no headphones and no distractions, an afternoon watching netflix, or even just a twenty minute nap! Whatever you find peace and joy in, do it, and do it often. 

Sometimes we crave physical rest, emotional rest, or even social rest. Here are some ways to switch off and allow your body to breathe:

  • Take time to be offline and without your phone
  • Feel grounded in nature - go for a swim, lay on the grass, soak up some vitamin D
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Escape with a good book, movie or tv show
  • Take a bath
  • Journal

Be kind to your body my darlings.

I love you,

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