Welcome to our blog series #MyHustl with, where each month we will feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to HUSTL. and for a special insight into their world. The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community. I love you, Alexz. xo


Meet Maija, online HUSTL. Station member since January 2022 .


Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
Exercise has always been important for me, or more like mandatory for my mental and physical well-being. But it has also been a struggle. I have a scoliosis in my upper back. My spine is a bit too straight between my shoulder blades and for that reason it can’t handle heavy weights. Building muscle strength has always been balancing between trying to build the strength and handling the pain on my back afterwards. This is the reason I have not been much of a “gym girl”. I like it when I am there but it’s not something that calls me. 

Years I have been doing all kinds of sports, more focused on the endurance sports. For a long time I did feel like I am missing the overall basic strength in my body, in my muscles. It has affected my activity so that I've been a bit hesitant and even afraid that maybe I can't do everything. I did felt like I could be better and stronger but did not know how. How to build a better strength base the way it suits me and maintain it. Then I found Hustl.


What made you decide to join HUSTL.?
I found Hustl workouts through Instagram. I was inspired by the results I saw people have gained with the training method and the positive energy that was transmitted through the screen from all the Hustl channels. Also as an aesthetic person the overall visual look was appealing to me.

First thing in January 2022 I did participate in the two week challenge with Alexz & Kika.  Doing the challenge I realised how hooked I was! I notices change in my body already during and after the two weeks and felt better. Training at home, first thing in the morning was best! Still is! 


What does your workout routine look like each week? 
I have been doing Hustl 2-5 times a week. Pilates classes with Alexz are my favourite. Also Barre with Kika and HIIT with Em are the best too. In the end of the year 2022 the fourteen day Strength & Shape challenge with Em was a killer! Thanks to that, I noticed how much I had improved in time. 

In addition to Hustl I do running, cycling, swimming and cross-country skiing. I'm adventurous, I travel and I enjoy surfing, snowboarding and hiking from time to time. As a new thing, I recently tried sailing. All in all, I am trying to take advance of all the four seasons that we have in Finland. This May I am participating my second half marathon. 


One piece of advice you would share with the community?
Listen to your body. It will tell you what kind of movement and what kind of fuel it needs. Find the way to move that suits you, so you can’t wait to do it - This is what Hustl is for me. If you hesitate with your choice of training or you are only striving for the goal of appearance, it will not survive as a way of life. Lifestyle and long-term commitment is sustainable and motivating. At least for me that is the key.


What do you love most about HUSTL.?
Even I am on the other side of the world I really feel like a part of the Hustl community. Maybe that affect comes from the combination of easygoing communication through your social media channels and the way the classes are held. I Feel like I have found something that really works for me, gets me the results I want to have and I am part of something.

I am super happy about the muscle strength I have gained in over a year. I feel much more powerful and stronger. Every week I am excited to do my Hustl! And the joy of moving and regularity has brought the change in my in appearance that I did not think is possible. More toned, more slim, visible muscles and I carry myself better. 


Favourite HUSTL. workout?
I love doing weekly classes! And besides that I choose full body Pilates with Alexz like this.

Second favourite is Day two of Strength & Shape with Em because of the versatile movements and a heavier weight workout.


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