Welcome to our blog series #MyHustl with, where each month we will feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to train and for a special insight into their world. The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community.
I love you, Alexz. xo
Meet Esther, online HUSTL. member and Express Glutes & Core Challenge Winner. 


Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
I am a nurse turned lifestyle photographer. I run my own business , Ends of the Earth Imagery , & am currently based in Murwillumbah , but have been a travel nut since forever. I feel so at home here. It's where my wandering heart finds rest; by the ocean, close to family, and all my childhood memory goodness.

I grew up with sports , but I get really bad performance anxiety so as I got older I stopped participating. I never really prioritised fitness until I returned from living in Norway for a year and had packed a punch in extra weight. The chocolate & other yummies got me good. That & not a lot of summer days. 

Once I moved out of home and started working full-time I realised exercising could be fun and didn't need to focus on what size I wore. I enjoyed going to group classes at the gym and engaged in several different workout types. Pilates , swimming , and dancing though, have always been my trusty faithfuls over the years. I got into Hustl in 2021 while working and living in Alice Springs. I've never looked back! I immediately noticed huge changes in my strength, how I looked and felt, and loved the convenience of an online platform I could take with me anywhere.

This year however,  I'm more focused around my diet and trying to nut out my hormone imbalances. It's been quite the journey, but in collaboration with my Hustl routine it has been working a treat on me.

I think it's really sad that we have cultivated a culture that strongly focuses on our outward appearances , even the clothes we wear. We can be very quick to judge and comment negatively about others and even more so about ourselves. This affects not only women, but men have this issue as well. Hustl feels safe. Obviously it's always a perk when you're proud of your body & what it can do , but looking a certain way is not the goal. Creating healthy habits is.

Exercise platforms can quickly become toxic in the game of self-esteem and our mindsets, but I love that Hustl doesn't market around "getting summer body ready". It is a space where all bodies are  welcome; have a laugh , have fun , and yes they will still drive you because they want you to make the best choices for yourself. The heart of Hustl is beautiful and that is something I have loved being able to champion with.


Congratulations on winning the EXPRESS GLYTES & CORE CHALLENGE, how did you feel when you found out the news?
Honestly, I was so surprised! Good surprised!  I've been part of this community for just under 2 years and the challenges have helped me stay consistent and accountable. Even without the cash you feel like a winner because you've done something you're proud of and I'm so grateful for this space. Winning the challenge could not have  come at a better time for me. So very very appreciative.


What did you enjoy most about the challenge?
Kika and Alexz ! duh ! 😋 I just feel like every time I have completed a challenge with these two I'm cracking up on the other side of that screen about something they're talking smack about...OR  I'm swearing at them for kicking my butt. Quite literally! The glute burn was real. It's extremely  entertaining and it helps me to keep pushing. Thank you so much ladies! I also loved the 20-minute spurts. They were very convenient and easy to work around the busyness of the day to day.


One piece of advice you would share with the community?
Don't give up! I have introduced so many of my friends to Hustl and they always say it's the hardest workouts they've ever done. Trust me,  that's where I started too, but once you just make it a part of your regular routine it does get easier. Well, you get stronger so you're able to do it with more ease. & I can't express how good you feel once it's done. 

It is also so important to fuel your body right. I never realised how much what I ate would affect my hormones, and your hormones affect everything from your sleep to your energy. For so many years I have inadvertently been under eating and not getting the nutrients I require to function at full capacity. That in conjunction with my hormonal issues has not been a good mix. 

I have been consulting with a friend who specialises in functional medicine & we have been working to reduce my gut inflammation , correcting my macro/micro intake , & it has balanced me out completely. If you don't know where to start, make the investment and work with someone: nutritionist , naturopath ,  functional medicine practitioner. Whatever works best for you , it's the greatest gift you can give yourself and it could change your life and well-being forever.


What do you love most about HUSTL.?
There is so much to love about Hustl, but it's got to be the trainers first & foremost. Alexz has put so much into this platform. Where even would we be without her ?! Kika , Em and Chelsea are absolute quality. Love everything they bring to the table. & it's all at the easy press of a button on my phone! As a travelling photographer, I need this sort of accessibility in my life and I'm forever thankful for it. I actually can't imagine my lifestyle without it now. Hustl has ruined me in the best way possible. No regrets !


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