Vegan option | Gluten free option

Serves 8
Prep: 15 minutes
Setting time: 30 minutes


2 C rice puffs
2 tbsp cacao or cocoa powder
2 tbsp desiccated coconut
1 tbsp raw sugar
½ C natural peanut butter
½ C coconut oil
¼ C honey*
150g dark chocolate, melted
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Your favourite Easter chocolate, chopped, to sprinkle on top*


1. In a small bowl, whisk together peanut butter, coconut oil and honey.

2. In a larger bowl, combine rice puffs with cacao and raw sugar.

3. Combine the wet mixture to the dry and then press down firmly into a lined tray approximately 8x12cm in size.

4. Melt dark chocolate with olive oil and then pour on top of the base.

5. Sprinkle with your favourite Easter chocolate and then place in the freezer to set for at least 30 minutes.

6. Once set, slice, and enjoy! Store in the fridge.

Vegan option: Sub honey for pure maple syrup.

Gluten free option: Ensure all chocolate is gluten free.

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