You have just powered through a fitness challenge, completing back to back workouts, gained muscle strength & achieved amazing results. Now what? I hear you ask angels. 

Rest & recovery is an essential part of working out, so I have broken down my top tips to ensure you are properly recovering your muscles and giving your body a healthy dose of TLC, post challenge.

Sleep and sleep some more.

We should all be aiming for 7-8 hours sleep a night regardless, but post challenge nothing gives your body the chance to rest, recuperate and switch off, quite like a decent night's sleep. So get an early night and have an extra long lie in, because you deserve it darlings.

Refuel with the right foods.

It may be tempting to treat yourself after weeks of intense exercise, and don’t get me wrong, we are all about balance here, so eat the ice cream if you want the ice cream. But when you can, aim to fuel your body with plenty of protein rich snacks, and balanced, nourishing meals. If you’re lacking inspiration in the kitchen department, head over to HUSTL. Health for some of my quick, easy, go-to recipes.

Introduce light movement.

Being in recovery doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising altogether. Listen to your body and if you feel up to it, consider introducing gentle movement in the form of walking, yoga or give one of our new 10 minute blaster workouts a try. By continuing to participate in light movement, you will help boost blood flow to your muscles and prevent DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness). 

I love you,

Alexz. xo

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