Our online family is officially growing!

I am over the moon to introduce our newest Master Trainer, Jess.

Jess is no stranger to the HUSTL. family, she has been an instructor at the Gold Coast studio since 2021, but we are so excited to finally share her incredible talent & expertise with our online community too.

Known for challenging, empowering and awe-inspiring classes, Jess specialises in Yoga & Pilates and she strongly advocates that our time on the mat is not solely for your body, but more importantly for your mind.

Jess will be releasing prenatal classes on the HUSTL.ONLINE platform, that are designed for all parents-to-be, with the goal of helping women to move your body safely through every phase of your pregnancy.

Want to know more about our newest Master Trainer?

We asked Jess a few questions, to help you get to know her a little better...

Enjoy. x

Congratulations on becoming an Online Master Trainer Jess! What can our community expect from your prenatal classes?
THANK YOU - I feel so privileged to be a part of our Online family. You can expect feel-good movements designed specifically to keep yourself and your baby safe and strong through your journey. I delivered classes that I felt my body was craving throughout my pregnancy. Think low impact pilates movements that leave you feeling equally powerful and soft. These classes have a strong emphasis on lengthening out your tight muscles, maintaining pelvic floor health and improving your posture as your belly grows. 

What made you want to get into the field of teaching yoga and pilates?
When I was 21 I was in my last semester of a Law Degree and decided to complete my Yoga Teacher Training to learn more about spirituality - something I'd been passionate about since I was younger. While I went into the course purely to deepen my understanding of meditation and philosophy, I came out with a deep love for teaching. I graduated from my Degree and my Teacher Training the same week and started Instructing classes the week after. Things got really busy, really quickly and I never looked back! 

Your top tips on working out whilst pregnant?
Tune into what feels best for your body that day. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was that each day and week can feel completely different to the last. I spent my first trimester bed-ridden with morning sickness and movement was simply OUT of the question. Remind yourself that if you’re not up to working out, it’s probably in your baby's best interest. Take the pressure off, be kind with the way you speak to yourself and move in ways that leave you feeling energised, not depleted. 

What kind of changes to your health and wellbeing routines have you had to accommodate for, whilst being pregnant?
I’ve had to slow everything down and just do what I can in the moment. Some days this might look like eating more protein to help my iron stores. Other days it might look like McDonald’s drive through at 10am to cope with the nausea! 

What are you most excited for, in becoming a mother for the first time?
The unconditional love and play. 

Any pregnancy cravings?
Chocolate thick-shakes and cow’s milk lol. 

Outside of teaching, what are your favourite hobbies/where can we find you on the weekend?
At the moment, you’ll probably find me doing a 10-step skincare routine before having a bath at 2pm and calling it a day. My hobbies of late have been discovering new ways to enjoy slowing down. 



    1. Favourite meal? Prosciutto Pizza with a Chilli Margarita 
    2. Top holiday destination? Kythera, Greece 
    3. What are you currently watching / reading? Daisy Jones and the Six
    4. AM or PM workout? AM
    5. One thing you can't live without during your pregnancy? My family

    Jess's classes are now LIVE on the platform, click here to sign in and join her on the mat. 

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