You’ve been asked a million times, but we love to hear the response time and time again. The age old question that it all comes back to – why did you start HUSTL?

To be honest it’s not really the story everyone imagines it would be. It was never one of my dreams to have my own fitness studio, to cut the red ribbon & put up a big sign. I was more excited to start HUSTL. because I saw this massive hole in the market that to me seemed so obvious. At the studios I worked at prior to HUSTL. I always got in trouble for playing the music too loud, singing into the microphone, turning the lights off or making the classes way too intense. My classes where always full and so I thought fuck it - if this place doesn’t exist, then I’m just going to have to create it. 

Hard work, discipline and sacrifices play a large part of where you are today. But word is that you practice manifestation and truly believe in the powers of it. Have you always manifested, when did you start and what does a basic manifestation look like to you?

Yes. Ever since I was a kid I have been manifesting. I grew up in a very spiritual family and manifesting was something my mother taught both my brother, sister and I. I believe in it because I have witnessed the power of it since the age of 7. I think society now has made manifesting the “cool” thing to do - you know, make your mood on Pinterest, change the back ground on your phone, say your words of affirmation. To me that’s not really manifesting. It’s a start but it’s not what’s going to make things happen. I’m a slave to my dreams. I manifest what they look like & I take every single action in my control to make them happen. The rest I leave up to the universe. I also like to use this point systems I made up when I was a little girl but that’s a story for another time.  

Your journey has been far from smooth sailing. Between taking on the weight of a new business, growing it to where it is today and battling mental health along the way. You inspire so many, tell us, what’s your number one way to curb the down days?

I still to this day don’t understand why talking about your mental health all of a sudden makes you a hero of your achievements, like I’m sorry but are we all not a little mentally crazy. To me that hasn’t been one of the biggest battles of my business journey, it’s just been a normal part of it. For me the biggest battle would be the social pressure & demand you take on in this industry, you are everything to everyone & that’s a lot. Over the years I have had to force myself to become a lot more introverted & save my energy for myself. I am a massive empath & this is probably the most conflicting industry for that personality trait. This is a little contradicting to what I normally do for myself but at the moment, 

When I am feeling down - I just take it slow. I listen to my body. I allow myself to sleep, I allow my head to wander, I focus on one important thing I need to do that day & the rest I allow to be irrelevant. I am so used to pushing, working, training & doing that at the moment I am really trying to just allow myself to be, in whatever way it wants to feel.  

Alexz, you have got to be one of the busiest people I know – yet you still manage to make the time for checking in with us on social media. Of course it’s not effortlessly done, so we want to know how do you hold space for others when there is so much going on around you?

I am an empath. It’s not a choice it’s something I honestly feel I must do. I honestly care so deeply about others, I worry about them, I cry for them, I just want to support everyone that I don’t know,  it’s something I feel I need to do. It’s not something that comes easy but it is something that is very natural to me. I just want to be able to make people happy and be heard. It’s funny because if you know me personally, you know I just love, love. I love to be held and love to touch everyone around me. Now I have a dog and bless his little soul he is truly smothered on the daily. I feel so fortune that I have made holding space for others my job, I am busy with so much going on around me because it entirely entails checking in on the others around me, with my staff, with my trainers, with my clients & my online girls. I have made motivating & holding space for everyone the biggest part of my world.  

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee – we need to know how you get through your 24hrs without slaughtering someone. Tell us, what are some of your daily habits/ life hacks that help make you so efficient?

Fucking take a NAP. believe it or not I am a sleeper. I love sleep. It is probably my favourite hobby. I have so much energy because I allow myself to rest. When I was younger around 25 I didn’t allow myself to rest properly & I slowly watched myself burn out over the years from the physical training & also the mental exertion but now, if I am tired - I will allow myself to have a nap. 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes whatever I need and then I am ready to go again, I don’t like to artificially fuel my energy with coffee and I feel so lucky that I am able to rest when my body needs. I know life doesn’t work like that for everyone so please darling if you need the coffee, drink the coffee. 


3 things you cannot live without?
Physical Touch, Physical Movement, Sleeping. 
Your favourite place in the world?
Anywhere with my twin sister, Rachel. 
If you could live off one food, what would it be?
Plain pasta and tomato sauce. 
Least favourite exercise?
Burpees. I still do them but I honestly despise them. 


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