As a fitness instructor I am constantly on the go; whether I am moving my body teaching classes at the HUSTL. studio, filming for the online platform, or squeezing in a pilates class for myself, being active is simply a part of who I am!

Therefore fuelling my body correctly and ensuring I am eating a balanced, nutritious and fulfilling diet, is SO incredibly important. I honestly love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with different recipes and ingredients is one of my favourite past times. Nothing beats an evening at home cooking for friends and simply enjoying good, delicious food.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into what I eat in a day, remember that every day looks different, not every meal is always going to be perfect; but these are some of my favourite meals that I can't get enough of.

To watch the full breakdown of the meals, head over to the HUSTL. TikTok here.

Enjoy. x

Protein smoothie packed with greens.  
Avocado toast with crispy kale & sautéed mushrooms.  

Avocado salad and Teriyaki Salmon with chilli oil & coconut aminos.  

(not pictured)
Salt & vinegar snacks (harvest snaps, organic corn chips, brown rice crackers) 

Creamy blended roasted veg pasta, with the option to add organic meat mince.  
Roast Capsicum, onion, greens & garlic - blended together into a sauce. Stir into gluten free pasta & add coconut milk for creaminess. 

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