I am not normal, but neither is our coffee addicted society. I used to wonder for years how people have so much energy, how they are constantly up to do everything and never tired. I stopped wondering, because I realised most of the people I was comparing myself to were males – I’m the last person to ever question the female strength, however we are built different and our hormones can really take a toll on our energy. I also realised the people I was comparing to myself, fuelled themselves daily with endless cups of a little, addictive black substance. I could not allow myself to become dependant. 


I can’t drink coffee, I turn into a rat on acid. Seriously. It's not a health kick, and it's not a detox - I have never opted for drinking coffee. I need to rest myself the natural way and acknowledge my over-active adrenal glands and my extremely high cortisol levels, I need to sit with myself and feel my anxiety because for some reason that emotion needs to be felt. When I do that, when I can’t avoid it, it exhausts me and so I rest. That is what I need to do, to be here the best way I can. Of course resting too much does not help chronic fatigue but this is up to you to figure out, you need to listen to your body and it will tell you what it wants, judgment or questions aside, it will tell you, listen.


I deal with chronic fatigue on most days. I often get asked how I have so much energy, its because, well, I sleep all the time. I sleep 10 hours a night and have a two hour nap a day. That is me, my honest routine. I know that’s what my body needs & it has taken me a long time to accept that because the judgment and peer pressure from others made me believe this is not normal.


It's not normal, but either am I and so there we go.


So, now when people question my nap time – I question their coffee intake. That conversation usually ends quite quickly.


The bottom line here is that I am an intuitive being, I am very in tune with my body and know exactly when it needs rest – not a temporary hit of caffeine. Of course, not everyone’s lifestyles can cater to this, this is my personal story and I totally understand why coffee is the first thing on everyone’s mind in the morning, that shit is pure gold to humans.


I love you all,
Alexz. xo    

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