Travel, adventure and vacations are well and truly back on the cards and I could not be happier about it. There is nothing quite like exploring a new town, country or city, making memories with friends & family and getting away for a little R&R. With so many of us now able to plan trips, I have collated a few of my favourite ways to find balance and feel my best whilst travelling.

Hydration is key.

It can be easy to fall behind on your water intake when you are out of routine, but staying on top of your fluids is a complete game changer to avoid bloating or dehydration. This is particularly crucial when catching a long haul flight or travelling in a hot country during the summer months. I always aim to carry a 1.5L bottle of water with me wherever I go, I like to set little reminders on my phone to alert me when I need to refuel and lastly, I order water at every meal because you are more likely to drink it when it is right in front of you.

Don’t forget the snacks.

I love to bring a selection of protein rich snacks with me whenever I travel, because you never know what might happen - delayed flights, long waiting times at the airport... the list is endless. Having a few healthier options on hand that I can turn to when there are limited food options available, prevents me from making poor choices that will leave me feeling unsatisfied.

Make your move.

As much as I love to relax and unwind on holiday, I also love to incorporate some exercise, when and IF I feel like it! For me it’s not about going crazy in the gym every single day, but instead I choose to move my body because it makes me feel my best, both physically and mentally. Walking and getting in your steps is a great way to both explore your holiday destination and also get in some light movement whilst you’re at it. I also love to pack a resistance band or a small pilates ball whilst travelling as they are a super light addition to your suitcase. The workouts on the HUSTL. Station platform require minimal time, space or equipment - perfect for when you are short on time or space!

Sleep and sleep some more.

We all know the importance of getting a decent night's sleep and the same rule applies to when you are travelling too. You will feel more refreshed, have more energy to explore and lastly you are more likely to choose better options when it comes to food and eating out. 

Enjoy yourself, darling.

I feel so incredibly grateful that we are able to explore the world again, so let this be your reminder to make the most of it. Indulge in delicious food and plenty of rest and soak up those special memories.

I love you.

Alexz. xo

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