Last week we announced the exciting news that a new Master Trainer has joined the online platform. No stranger to HUSTL., Chelsea has been teaching at the Gold Coast studio since 2021, but we are now giving our community all over the world the chance to experience her incredible classes.

To find out more about our fierce new instructor, take a read below. xo



  1. Congratulations on becoming a Master Online Trainer Chelsea! What can our community expect from your style of classes?
    You will never know what’s coming next. I love creating dynamic series that ‘make sense’ where you will feel your body get stronger, understand how breath helps our movement & move in ways you maybe didn’t know you could. I cannot even begin to express how EXCITED I am to move with you all. I hope you enjoy these classes as much as I enjoyed filming them.

  2. What made you want to get into the field of pilates & teaching?
    Movement is a feeling & I am obsessed with how I feel (… sometimes after) I move. Holding & creating space for people is something that is so special to me, this combined with my own love of movement lead me to teach. I love making you all do weird stuff & make your little bums scream out loud.

  3. What does a typical day in the week look like for you?
    Every day is SO different. But I can absolutely assure all days start with a big coffee & end with good food.

  4. Favourite class to teach & why?
    No equipment, slow & very sweaty. I love doing controlled movements and combos that flow together designed to leave you feeling strong & humbled. 

  5. Your top tips on staying motivated when working out at home?
    Create a space/corner that makes you excited to move in.  Have a little ‘pre ritual’ before you move! Like a little coffee/tea to get yourself warm & excited.  Remind yourself HOW GOOD you will feel afterwards.

  6. Can you share a favourite playlist to get us fired up for your classes? Take your pick my loves. ChelseaForbes on Spotify. You are so welcome.  


  • Coffee order? Oat Cap, with maple.
  • Holiday destination? Italy - get me on a table.
  • Favourite local restaurant? Rude to make me chose but I am a sucker for modern asian, Lightyears!
  • AM or PM workout? AM (if I’m lucky)

To explore Chelsea’s classes on the HUSTL. Station, click here.

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