1. Oil diffuser

Because coming home to a fresh smelling house after a long day is EVERYTHING. But really, there are many benefits that go beyond scent which include promoting calmness, clearing airways for improved breathing, improves clarity and focus and so on.

Our pick: Ceramic Oil Diffuser from Prae Store.

  1. Plants

Add some greenness to your life by investing in real plants, that we will most likely kill with too much love. The benefits of plans inside the home are endless. These little green guys boost our mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. Plans have also been proven to reduce stress, fatigue and cold symptoms.

Our pick: peace lilly, because who has the time for a high maintenance plant. 

  1. A good yoga mat

Always at the ready, because nothing boosts the overall household mood more than a quick and spontaneous sweat session via HITT, pilates or yoga.

 Our pick: Lululemon 

  1. Weekly planner

As we get busier its only crucial we keep some sort of record of our commitments to hold us accountable. Great space for jotting down creative ideas, self-care appointments and coffee dates with friends. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment when you tick something off your to-do list is like no other. Or is that just me? 

  1. Peaceful outdoor space

Because screaming inside is frowned upon. No but really, having a beautiful outdoor space to retreat to is therapeutic simply because nature reduces stress levels and the more time we spend outdoors the less likely we are to be depressed and anxious.

I love you always, 

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