Definition: In its simplest form it is athletic + leisure.  


It’s comfortable, casualwear that can be worn to exercise, and is easily up-styled as everyday wear. Athleisure wear includes yoga pants, bike pants, sweat shorts/ pants, tank tops, sports bras, oversized and cropped tees, hoodies, sneakers and so on. Think - Princess Diana circa 1996 in white bike pants, and oversized college jumper and thick, crew socks. It’s a mood, and it’s well and truly on the comeback.

It’s tough to pinpoint where the Athleisure trend originated from, but we consider it coming into fashion in the early 1980’s where the popularity of fitness classes such as aerobics and spin class came to the surface. Are you picturing John Travolta in spanks? Same.

I’ve always felt most myself when I’m dressed down in Athleisure. It allows me to be more natural in public and comfortable in my own skin, yes it helps even on the bad days. In activewear, I am ready to do just about anything life throws at me. It also lets me channel the inner tomboy in me who is playful, loves plain colours and baggy tees.

go big, or go home. No really, I buy at least 3 times my size in all top/ jumper styles for the ultimate oversized look. It’s incredibly flattering on top of fitted bike shorts, tied up around the waist or thrown over the shoulders.

as you all know I’m OBSESSED with Flash Jewellery – I wear them in my ears, around my neck, on my wrist and fingers. So even though I like to embrace my inner tomboy with Athleisure, you will always catch me accessorised in fine, gold jewellery to give my bad n boujee side the exposure she deserves. 

We’re claiming Athleisure wear as the effortlessly ‘cool’ girl fashion, it’s understated but really that is the statement. You’re comfortable, functional and stylish. Plus, Athleisure wear boosts your motivation ten-fold, it’s straight facts. Because, well, you’re already wearing the clothes so that’s one less step to worry about.

Here are some of my all time favourite Athleisure looks.

Princess Diana, 1999


is that vain to put myself? 2021


Hailey Baldwin my all time girl crush, 2020


Joah Brown, 2020

I love you always, 

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