Welcome to our new blog series #MyHustl with, where each month we will feature a community member to find out more about their journey, how they like to HUSTL. and for a special insight into their world. The community makes HUSTL. what it is and you all truly mean the world to me, so I am excited to share an insight into the incredible individuals that make up this strong, beautiful and inspiring community. I love you, Alexz. xo


Meet Michyla, online HUSTL. Station member since January 2021.

#MyHustl Community Member 

Tell us a little about yourself & your fitness journey.
I started Hustl. when my friend Rachel showed me the HUSTL. Instagram platform at work and said, “this screams you”. She had never tried HUSTL. and still to this day hasn’t but for some reason she knew it was for me.


What made you decide to join HUSTL.?
For a while before I started HUSTL. I really hadn’t been feeling myself, mentally and physically I felt drained and stuck. I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle and always knew what I wanted my life to look like but for some reason was having a hard time getting there. The HUSTL. girls along with my support group of friends (I slowly kept getting more of them hooked on HUSTL.) have been the reason I am back on track. I now have a healthy workout routine that takes priority in my life, and I genuinely am excited to wake up at 5am every morning and meet the girls on the mat.


What does your workout routine look like each week? 
My workout routine from week to week is fairly consistent. I workout at 5:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then workout after work Tuesdays and Thursdays. I usually fit in a workout on Saturday or Sunday mornings giving myself one day on the weekend of rest! 


One piece of advice you would share with the community?
A piece of advice I would share with the community is consistency is key. Even if you can’t finish a workout at first, just getting your workout clothes on, doing as much of the HUSTL. workout as you can and staying disciplined, will slowly get you into a routine where you can genuinely say you're excited to workout. 


What do you love most about HUSTL.?
The Hustl. instructors don’t push us to be these crazy workout machines. Instead, they push us to find a healthy balance in life, they want you to love being active, while also taking the rest your body needs. They hold you accountable in every aspect, whether it’s your diet, your mindset, your motivation or your perspective, they always keep you focused on what is important. I can’t say enough about HUSTL. and their amazing team, I truly am thankful every day that I found their platform. It sounds so cliché to say however they really have changed my life


Favourite HUSTL. workout?
Favourite workout to date is 'RICE PAPER ROLLS' - Form Burn with Alexz. 


#MyHustl Community Member

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