Welcome to our Online and App support section, where we have all of our most commonly asked questions answered below:

What online subscriptions do you offer?

To view our full range of online subscriptions, please click here.

What equipment do I need for the classes?

All of our online workouts can be completed equipment free, however if you wish to purchase equipment, the classes may feature the below items:

√ Pilates Ball
√ Resistance Band
√ Hand weights (1 – 2 KG)
√ Dumbbell (6 – 8KG)

How do I sign up for 7 Days Free?

To sign up to our 7 Day Free Trial, please click here.

Can I cancel my online membership at any time?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please refer to the instructions below to cancel your subscription based on how you signed up:

• If you signed up via the desktop platform, please click here. (Please note you must be logged into your account before taking these steps).

• If you signed up via the app please follow these instructions.

Can you access the platform on both desktop and mobile?

Yes, the online platform can be accessed via desktop & mobile.

If you wish to download our app, please find the links below:

iPhone App
Android App

How do I cast the workouts to my TV?

If you're using the App:

You can use AirPlay or Chromecast; Make sure you are within range and connected to the devices or network.

1. When you’re playing a video inside the app / vid-app, look for the icon of the device you’re trying to connect to in the bottom right of the video.
2. Press the icon it will connect.

If you're using a computer:

You can display your entire computer screen with Chrome on Mac, Windows or Chrome OS.

Note: When you cast your screen, the audio might play on your computer. To play the audio on your TV instead, cast the tab.

1. On your computer, open Chrome.
2. At the top right, click more > Cast.
3. Click Sources > Cast screen.
4. Choose the Chromecast device on which you want to cast your screen.

If your computer or app doesn’t connect, please check your connections.

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Having troubles with accessing classes on the app?

If you're having troubles with accessing any classes on the app or for any other tech issues, the fastest way to help you resolve any issues is to contact the app support via the hamburger menu on the top left hand side once logged in.